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UnSocial Media

Not for the Likes…


- UnSocial Media -

I will not open 2019 with a “top 9” or anything of the sort as I have in the past. While my job will not let me altogether remove myself from several social media platforms, I will minimize my footprint on these mediums significantly this year for several reasons:

  1. I’d like to refocus my sharing to my own platform, this website.

  2. I have become increasingly disenfranchised by the algorithmic feed manipulation of the social media sites deciding what posts I get to see and not see. It’s depersonalized social media for me. I’m less and less connected to the people I’m most interested in connecting with.

  3. I’d like to reduce my screen time in 2019 and fill my minutes with other distractions.

  4. I am increasingly unnerved by the immediacy of targeted advertisements.

  5. I want to see if I find my own creativity.

I’ve thought about the best way to make this pivot, and I decided ghosting was best. I’m so 2018. I’m not an advocate of the tactic for dating, but it welcomes the opportunity to return without scaring friends and followers away.

2018 was another year of me neglecting this blog in favor of quick hit likes from social media. I’m tired of being lazy letting #hashtags and captions substitute for deeper dives and real connection. Even I am tired of TL;DR-ing content my friend’s post because I’m too impatient to give the next photo 2 seconds of my time. I feel my work while certainly inferior to many of those I follow deserves more than a square-crop and 2 seconds of double-tap consideration, and that I have a voice that goes beyond 144 characters, and is better not sandwiched between fake political news and a Target advertisement. So to you nonexistent readers, 2019 will be right here for me.

So here is my personal top 9:







Recalibrating the work/life balance


- Released -

It’s never a great start to a blog post to say that there isn’t a lot I will say about the details, but that’s exactly how this one begins. Released is often a euphemism; you already know what it’s for.

I left. I am released.

It was the right time. I treasure my time there, and I met some great people, some of whom I’ll continue to see! There is a great asset to the community and I continue to wish the business well.

As for me, I had forgotten how important days off can be. I can hardly say I miss them though. I prefer to be productive, but at the same time I feel more relaxed and more focused. Rest is something I did not know I needed, so now it will be more difficult to live without. I feel old, but younger than I’ve felt in some time. Does that make sense? After a few more of these intermittent non-work days (I still have a great part-time job), I hope to start filling some of them doing more of what I love.

I’m putting it out there: I would love to do some fun photo shoots. I would love to meet someone and eventually the one. And if anyone knows of occupational openings that pay well and have great benefits, do not hesitate to let me know!


 Wake up!
Sunrise won’t wait for your tired
Wake up!
Your Eyes won’t get any sharper
The equipment won’t work itself
Wake up!
Wake up!
Now go live.


Sun Rising Again

Get back out there!


- Sun Rising Again -

It’s amazing what regular days off can do for one’s spirit! I’m all about even suggesting a 10-hour / 4-day-week work schedule so I can enjoy an extra day per week, but I digress. After spending a few of those off-days doing errands, catching up on sleep, and getting antsy (an important part of the creative process); I invited myself to join my buddy Ryan Sakamoto for Sunday morning sunrise photo sessions.

I am rusty. The first morning didn’t yield any images I liked, but it reminded me how much I missed being out there. The second morning resulted in one image I found acceptable:

This last morning I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this again!

Thank you Ryan! I hope to share more like this in the near future!