Here's to 2017

Some call Hawaii a melting pot of culture. As such, we are fortunate enough to celebrate two new years: the Gregorian calendar event that just passed, and the Lunisolar calendar event later this month (January 28, 2017). As someone born between the two, it was quite a shock to me that technically I fall into the Rooster zodiac sign instead of the Dog. Then NASA had to go and recalibrate my sun sign to Sagittarius. It's not that I'm particularly spiritual about these sorts of things, but I do find it fascinating how unsettled I felt when I discovered these facts. How much of what I think I know, I actually don't? Hmm... 2016 was just one of those years. My life has been both enriched and tainted by the events of the past 366 days, but who could ask for anything more? I'm not the hopeful type. I try my best to live in the moment except when the food is served, and I need a moment to photograph it first, haha! 

The turning of a new year is traditionally a time to reflect and to resolve. I can say that I have way too many things that I don't ever use, but I continue to hold on to. Some remind me of a time in my life, and others probably have some sort of monetary value or had some sort of cost that make it difficult for me to part with. Others may be useful at some unspecified point in the future. All I can say is that there is a sum total of too much stuff. I won't commit to one of those declutter challenge things, but I will try to rid myself of something anytime I should acquire something, and spend more resources investing in experiences. One thing I can say is that I start every year with an experience, thanks to dA Crazies. They are my photographer "homies" whom I can always rely on for inspiration, advice, and good times.

Here's to 2017! I have clearly established a pattern of binge and neglect with this blog. I can't promise this year will be any different in that regard.

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