Hi There! I'm Brandon Kawamura: a Hawaiʻi based photographer, and aspiring secondary education English teacher who currently works at Pro Camera Hawaii and Kate Spade. I'm a casual supporter of the San Francisco Giants and 49ers sports franchises and the University of Hawaii athletic department, an avid watcher of prime time television, and lover of sushi and coffee. 

I fell in love with photography because I love to learn, and with every shoot I take under my belt, I'm learning. Photography has also provided me with more than just an education, however. It's broadened my social circle, provided me with a job, connected me with people from places I've never been and gets me out and about on various adventures.

I'm always looking for fun and interesting people to photograph or have coffee and a conversation with, so don't hesitate to message me with a proposition for either!

I'm often available to assist photographers looking for a little extra help carrying, holding, adjusting whatnots, or simply keeping an eye on gear too.